Resolve ProductLab Services

Based in Melbourne Australia, Resolve ProductLab is a micro industrial design consultancy founded in 2015 and is backed by 15 years of experience and knowhow.

Whether you are looking for a quick turnaround or a deeply embedded development partner to guide you through the entire process, we work with start-ups and established companies, to breathe life into ideas and product lines.

Industrial Design Styling Industrial Design Styling

Industrial Design

Every project is unique and each design process is tailored to suit your needs. By analysing your problems, we carve a clear strategy and development roadmap to get you to market.

Product Styling

By analysing trends, and markets, we can develop, maintain or elevate your brand identity through product styling. Creating engaging solutions that appeal to your target demographics and add value to your product.

Industrial Design Rendering

Renderings and Visualisation

From photo real product renderings to diagrammatic explanatory illustrations, Resolve ProductLab can turn your ideas or 3d models into compelling images and animations.

Industrial Design CAD Industrial Design CAD

Engineering and 3D CAD

We use a range of 3D CAD Programs throughout the development process in order to validate ideas, communicate with manufacturers and meet exacting standards with finished products. Whether you need to reverse engineer 3D scan data to accurate A-class surfaces, or develop complex mechanical assemblies, we get the job done right.

Design Review

Through product lifecycle analysis, we identify areas where cost savings can be made, from the part level to assembly labour, shipping and storage. We also identify opportunities to enhance your product, growing your market share and saving you money.

Industrial Design Prototyping

3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

We are hands on. Prototyping, test rigs and models are integral to our workflow. We utilise a network of suppliers to facilitate 3D Printing, CNC Prototyping and Visual models to validate and iterate designs, reducing risks and guiding your project forward.


With a wide network of reliable manufacturers and suppliers in Asia and Australia we can provide a turnkey solution for any project, regardless of size, complexity or production quantity.

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

New product development can be risky and overwhelming for entrepreneurs and start-ups. We cut through the noise and deliver clear and concise advice on the whole development cycle. From product design, to marketing material, costings and investment documentation, Resolve ProductLab has been there before.